Adaptable accounting services tailored to your business

Bookkeeping & Tax Compliance

Get accounting services that suit your unique business needs from the experienced and dependable team at Bridge. Whether you need a little help with day-to-day bookkeeping and tax compliance, or you’re looking for an all-encompassing accounting and financial advice solution for your business, you’ll always get tailored, expert advice from us.

Bookkeeping & Tax Compliance

Accurate and up-to-date financial information is critical to your business success. Let us expertly handle all your bookkeeping and day-to-day accounting requirements, so you can focus on running your business.

With accounting services tailored to your needs, we can help with preparation of your annual accounts, as well as periodic management accounts for tax, business appraisal, planning and more.

Working closely with you, we’ll stay on top of your accounting requirements and provide information relevant to your particular situation, as well as constructive advice on a regular basis.

Budgeting & Forecasting

Staying on top of your business finances is easy when you have accurate forecasts and a good budget in place.

A budget is one of the best business tools you can have, enabling you to set financial targets and measure your performance. We can help you consider future scenarios, set realistic goals and design the right budget to suit your needs.

Cash flow forecasting will also help you plan and prepare your business for growth. We’ll help you anticipate when cash will be required for taxes, stock and other expenses, and understand when to strive for business growth.

Proper financial forecasting helps you develop strategies that will improve your bottom line, and is also essential when you want to apply for business funding.

Risk Management

An effective risk management strategy improves the performance and protects the value of your business. With significant experience in business risk management, our advisors can help you accurately assess risk and protect you from vulnerabilities.

A risk assessment includes:

  • Assembling relevant information about your business and market
  • Identifying the major risks facing your organisation
  • Developing a risk management strategy
  • Implementing risk management procedures

Trust Accounting

A trust provides a way to protect the assets you have accumulated for the benefit of others.

Our extensive experience with trusts enables us to offer specialist advice on trust formation and ensures all statutory requirements are met.

We can assist with:

  • Preparing and executing the vital documentation required for trust formation
  • Attending to the special requirements involved in reporting for trusts
  • Trust administration
    • Minute-keeping service
    • Annual accounts
    • Taxation
    • Asset management
    • Investment monitoring
    • Income distribution

Let us help you set up your trust, and use it in the most effective way to achieve your goals.

Charitable Trust Accounting

Charitable trusts are set up to hold money or assets and carry out activities for the benefit of the community. They can be formed for the purpose of:

  • Promoting education
  • Poverty relief
  • Promoting religion
  • Miscellaneous benefit to the community

A charitable trust, as registered by the Registrar of Incorporated Societies, gains tax benefits when approved by the IRD. These tax benefits include the absence of duty on gifts to the trust and the absence of tax on income earned by the trust.

At Bridge, we understand the practicalities of charitable trusts. Our experience in this area enables us to assist you with setting up a trust and using the trust in the most effective way to reach your charitable goals.

Business Valuation

Are you getting the best price for your business, or is your asking price too high? An independent business valuation gives you the certainty you need about the value of your business.

We are trained and experienced in business valuations and can provide you with easy-to-follow guidance to determine the value of your business or property. We can also appear in court or for arbitration as expert witnesses in relation to business valuations.

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